Undergraduate Course in Interior and Furniture Design en Florencia - Italia

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Undergraduate Course in Interior and Furniture Design
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IED Istituto Europeo di Design - sede Florencia
Carreras universitarias - Undergraduate Course in Interior and Furniture Design - Florencia - Italia
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Descripción de Undergraduate Course in Interior and Furniture Design
Undergraduate Course in Interior and Furniture Design
Three year Courses - Florence

The global market has a growing demand for evolved Interior Designers with competences both in the architectural composition of a space and in the design of furniture elements, in order to organise and improve the relation among space, objects and people.

The three years course in Interior and Furniture Design trains professionals able to participate in the whole design process: from the first sketches to the final project. The goal is training an Interior Designer speialised in furniture, able to combine the work and management of a project focused on space organisation and interior decoration with a design-oriented attitude .

Career opportunities - Interior Designer, Furniture Designer, Product Designer, Concept Designer, Materials, Components and Technical Devices Researcher, Product Specialist.

Title ?This BA is recognised by Italian Ministry of Education Research (MIUR) as an Academic Diploma Level I and awards 180 credits.

The course is organized in collaboration with: Source.

Credits : 180
Start date : 11/10/2018
Duration : 3 years
Attendance : full-time
Language : English

Description :

Context ? The third millennium designer is a professional who can deal either with craftsmanship and new technologies. The markets are demanding more and more customisation possibilities boasting technology in the production chain. The recent ?makers phenomenon? set the interaction between the new open-source technologies and self-production design processes, making innovation more attainable and affordable.

Methodology and structure ? The methodology alternates frontal lectures and lab activity through individual or multidisciplinary team projects. The project activity, which is both theoretical and technical is developed in close collaboration with professors and asserted professionals of the industry.

The programme develops theoretical and practical knowledge of domestic and living spaces, focusing on technological tools, production processes and materials. A proper understanding of the company values, according to the contemporary market, is required.

The course has a specific focus on the craftsmanship process of Italian production from a cultural and historical perspective, analyzing the subsequent economic impact on Italian small-medium enterprises and for the international luxury market.

Students learn tools and techniques related to the formal and functional representation of the product from freehand drawing to technical design, up to the production of three-dimensional models of the product, exploring the digital image, visual works and perceptive paradigms to develop artistic languages.

Students also learn the project methodologies, products distribution and marketing strategies and they get a deep in materials and prototyping techniques. Moreover, the program focuseses on supply-chain technologies and technological manufacturing processing, giving a complete overview on the Made in Italy production chain.

Subjets :

1st year

  •     History of Contemporary Art
  •     History of Design 1
  •     Design Methods
  •     Material Typologies 1
  •     Technical Drawing
  •     Modeling Techniques 1
  •     Graphic Design
  •     Design 1
  •     Perception Theory and the Psychology of Form
  •     Introduction to Cultural Marketing

2nd year

  •     Drawing Techniques and Technologies
  •     Materials Typologies 2
  •     Modelling Techniques 2
  •     History of Contemporary Architecture 1
  •     Design 2
  •     Product Design
  •     3D Computer Model-Making Techniques
  •     Sociology of Culture
  •     History of Design 2
  •     Design Management

3rd year

  •     Design 3
  •     Virtual Architecture
  •     Phenomenology of Contemporary Arts
  •     Cultural Anthropology
  •     Layout and Techniques
  •     Design 4

An International Network.

Since 1966, the IED has developed innovative and diversified teaching methodologies, focused on synergies between technology and experimentation, creativity, strategies and integrated communication, market issues and a new form of professionalism. Thus does the Istituto Europeo di Design offer young professionals working in the fields of Fashion, Design and Communication the knowledge and the effective tools they need to cater for the constantly developing requirements of the working world.

The nexus between knowledge and knowhow is the indispensable starting point for developing the cultural, creative and critical skills and competencies that are the ultimate goal of education at the IED.

Partnerships with leading enterprises are a fundamental factor in the IED?s educational strategy, featuring both at every stage throughout the didactic process and in the special events held to mark the end of every academic year. As a result of the IED?s constant, active relationship with the business world, more than 200 firms contribute in various ways every year to its student training programmes.
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